Since 1990, Gelora Perkasa has provided the finest security system and telecommunications products & services in Bali-Nusra Region. Driven by our passion for innovation and excellence, Gelora Perkasa has become the ultimate choice in its field. With our decades of experience, countless companies have trusted us to enhance their security and the way they communicate through our top-notch line of products.

Company Overview

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of the largest government-owned banks in Indonesia. It was established in Purwokerto, Central Java, by Raden Bei Aria Wirjaatmadja on December 16, 1895.

With over 120 years of experience, Bank BRI constantly provides ease and speed in response to the customerā€™s various demands. Backed by superior banking services, Bank BRI manages millions of customer transactions non-stop 24/7
through service facilities spread across
the country

In line with the nationā€™s growth, Bank BRI continues to dynamically innovate to fulfill all of the banking customerā€™s needs while, at the same time, consistently determined to become the main partner for Indonesians todevelop the economy.

The Challenge

At the Bank BRI Data Centre in Tabanan, Gelora Perkasa undertook a demanding project that rigorously tested their capabilities from inception – the installation of device cables. Although this task may appear mundane, its significance was profound, not only due to its functional implications but also its crucial role in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment. It is worth noting that a tangled mass of cables could disrupt the overall appearance of a room and result in unwarranted inconveniences.

To confront this formidable challenge, Gelora Perkasa relied upon a pivotal tool known as a single-line diagram, which functioned as a guiding map for the organization and design of cable installation routes. This meticulous approach guaranteed the correct implementation of the cabling system, thus averting potential issues such as devices not functioning optimally or failing to operate altogether.

While security and telecommunications electronic devices typically prioritize functionality over aesthetics, the Bank BRI Data Centre in Tabanan had a specific requirement: to maintain an aesthetically pleasing interior, even with the installation of numerous devices necessary for ensuring the protection of valuable assets within the facility. This posed an added layer of complexity for Gelora Perkasa, as they had to devise innovative solutions that seamlessly integrated functional necessities with visual appeal.

As the project advanced, Gelora Perkasa encountered yet another monumental challenge – ensuring the seamless integration and individual functionality of all the installed devices. From the Surveillance System and Seismic Detection System to the Access Control System, Fire Alarm System, PABX System, and Sound System, each component had to function harmoniously within its respective system while effortlessly integrating with the others. This intricate integration was crucial in establishing a reliable ecosystem of security and telecommunications, working in perfect harmony to provide robust protection and efficient communication throughout the data center.

Throughout the duration of this project, Gelora Perkasa’s dedication and expertise underwent the ultimate test. Their meticulous attention to detail and adept problem-solving skills enabled them to overcome these formidable challenges. By successfully implementing the systems, they not only fulfilled the functional requirements of the Bank BRI Data Centre in Tabanan but also achieved the desired aesthetic appeal. The devices operated flawlessly, synchronized seamlessly, and established a cohesive and reliable electronic infrastructure.

What We Did to Tackle The Challenge

In a project, it is imperative for us to comprehensively understand the field conditions to formulate a strategy for completing the work and to grasp the functions and responsibilities of each individual involved. Our approach in managing this project revolves around deploying the appropriate human resources to ensure efficient and accurate completion. The scope of our work in this project encompasses device cable installation, device installation, as well as testing and commissioning. It is pivotal for us to assign reliable and skilled personnel to successfully execute each process and stage assigned to us.

Effective communication with external parties and collaboration with internal stakeholders are pivotal elements for the successful completion of this project. It commences with determining the design for each security and telecommunications system we install, ensuring that the execution of device cable installation aligns with the user’s requirements. Our technical team from Gelora Perkasa ensures the smooth execution of all processes related to device cable installation. This involves discussions between the contractor and the end-user, determining installation routes, and ensuring proper execution. The utmost consideration in this process is to guarantee that the cable routes are not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.

Beyond the aesthetic aspects of device cable installation, we must also ensure that the security and telecommunications devices installed in the BRI Tabanan Data Center are aesthetically appealing without compromising their functional value. This can be achieved by providing the necessary accessories to discreetly integrate the devices into the predetermined interior design.

System integration is paramount in a building, as each installed security and telecommunications device serves a distinct function and role when needed. During emergencies, each system must function harmoniously to optimize the safety of the building, assets, and individuals within it. For instance, if the fire alarm system detects signs of fire, the alarm system will relay the signal detected by the fire detection sensors to the Master Control Fire Alarm (MCFA). Subsequently, the MCFA will provide visual and auditory warnings to individuals in the building, prompting them to evacuate. Furthermore, the fire alarm system can automatically deactivate the electromagnetic locks on doors protected by the Access Control System, facilitating the evacuation process and maximizing the safety of individuals in the building.

The Result

During an intensive period of 60 working days, Gelora Perkasa achieved remarkable feats at Bank BRI Data Centre Tabanan. With unyielding determination and expertise, they successfully executed seven groundbreaking projects, heralding a new era in electronic systems.

Each project addressed a critical aspect of security and functionality within the building, spanning from the installation of the impressive CCTV System, ensuring vigilant surveillance of every corner, to the implementation of the Access Door Lock System, creating an impenetrable fortress against unauthorized access.

However, their extraordinary efforts extended beyond these achievements. Gelora Perkasa also introduced the formidable Fire Alarm System, prepared to sound the alarm and safeguard lives in the face of danger, and the Tripod Turnstile, revolutionizing access control with its seamless and efficient operations.

Moreover, Gelora Perkasa proudly unveiled the Seismic Detection System, ever-vigilant and ready to detect even the slightest tremors, ensuring the safety of all within the premises. They also expertly implemented the PBX, an advanced telephony system facilitating smooth communication, and the Public Address Sound System, enabling critical announcements to resonate throughout the halls with impeccable clarity and precision.

What truly distinguishes Gelora Perkasa is their commitment to integration. With unparalleled expertise, they seamlessly connected these diverse systems, transforming them into a cohesive and harmonious electronic ecosystem. This integration ensures that each component collaborates flawlessly, amplifying their effectiveness and empowering the building’s security infrastructure.

In a testament to their exceptional skill and dedication, Gelora Perkasa has once again demonstrated themselves as industry leaders, surpassing all expectations and setting new standards for excellence. Bank BRI Data Centre Tabanan now stands as a shining testament to Gelora Perkasa’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and cutting-edge solutions. They have authored a new chapter in electronic systems deployment, leaving a lasting legacy for years to come.


The Bank BRI Data Centre Tabanan project entailed the installation and integration of diverse security and telecommunications systems. Gelora Perkasa, the contractor overseeing the project, encountered challenges related to the neatness of cable installation, aesthetic appeal, and the integration of devices within their respective systems.

To overcome these challenges, Gelora Perkasa implemented strategies such as deploying skilled personnel, maintaining effective communication with external parties, and collaborating seamlessly with internal stakeholders. They placed a premium on creating an aesthetically pleasing environment while preserving the functional value of the installed devices. This involved the use of discreet accessories and the integration of devices into the predetermined interior design.

In a span of 60 effective working days, Gelora Perkasa successfully completed seven electronic system projects, encompassing CCTV, access control, fire alarm, turnstiles, seismic detection, PBX, and public announcement sound systems. These systems function in harmony, contributing to both the security and effective communication within the Bank BRI Data Centre Tabanan.

In conclusion, Gelora Perkasa demonstrated efficient planning, execution, and collaboration, resulting in the delivery of a reliable ecosystem of security and telecommunications that aligns with the project’s objectives and the requirements of Bank BRI.

Gelora Perkasa’s achievements in maximizing cable utilization, ensuring CCTV functionality, and providing an efficient WiFi network exemplify their commitment to delivering effective solutions within a short timeframe.

Company Overview

Before 2018, the vision of Paripadi Private Villa and Sanctuary was a mere dream. Their deep appreciation for the serene splendor of Canggu, Bali, however, served as a catalyst to make our vision a reality. This was achieved through the acquisition and comprehensive renovation of what was formerly known as Villa Dadi, transforming it into the magnificent Paripadi Private Villa and Sanctuary. Working with a talented local Balinese architect, we completed a full renovation that blends modern contemporary art and traditional Balinese style to create a world-class villa experience. Finally, in 2020 Paripadi Villa has officially opened for business.

The name Paripadi is a fusion of Sanskrit and Bahasa Indonesia, symbolizing the abundance and richness of life. In Sanskrit, Pari means wholeness, while Padi in Bahasa Indonesia represents the endless rice paddies that are an integral part of Indonesian culture and life. By combining these two words, Paripadi aim to create an atmosphere that is both lively and comforting, making their guests feel at home and fully alive during their stay. With an endless supply of life, represented by the rice paddies, their guests can rest assured that they will be surrounded by an environment that is rejuvenating and full of vitality. At Paripadi, they strive to provide a wholesome and memorable experience, where guests can relax, recharge, and connect with nature. Their luxurious villa is designed to cater to your every need, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Challenge

The decision to utilize the pre-installed cables was not without its risks. It demanded meticulous planning and strategic implementation to repurpose them for the CCTV devices and access points. Delicate precision was essential as Gelora Perkasa wielded their expertise, transforming what was initially meant for entertainment into a lifeline for robust surveillance. Every room, every nook, and cranny became part of the interconnected network, ensuring a seamless flow of data and unyielding security.

Yet, this was not the only challenge Gelora Perkasa encountered during this monumental project. As they persevered, they found themselves grappling with an additional hurdleā€”the art of the finishing stage. The inevitable side effect of any extensive installation is the need for civil work, delicately restoring the fabric of the building itself. Room by room, they skillfully rejuvenated every ceiling and wall, ensuring a flawless integration of the cable pathways. It was a symphony of craftsmanship, where they transformed the scars of progress into seamless, hidden conduits of protection.

Through their unwavering determination, Gelora Perkasa overcame these immense challenges, leaving a lasting mark of excellence on this project. Their commitment to maximizing the use of existing infrastructure, coupled with their unmatched expertise, resulted in a CCTV system that transcended expectations. Their artistry in reimagining the cable infrastructure and their meticulous attention to detail during the finishing stage guaranteed a secure and efficient network for seamless surveillance, standing as a testament to their unrivaled capabilities.

What We Did to Tackle The Challenge

To ensure the maximum utilization of existing cables and achieve cost efficiency, Gelora Perkasa recognizes the crucial importance of close coordination with the main contractor. By actively collaborating and acquiring information about the installed cable routes, Gelora Perkasa can strategically plan their approach and leverage the existing infrastructure effectively.

Internal discussions among Gelora Perkasa’s team of technicians play a vital role in determining the best strategies for utilizing the existing cables without causing unnecessary damage. Through careful planning, they can optimize the use of these cables while minimizing potential disruptions or additional costs.

To execute the planned tasks seamlessly, Gelora Perkasa assigns experienced team members with excellent communication skills. This ensures effective coordination and enables the successful completion of the project. With the right personnel in place, Gelora Perkasa can execute their strategies efficiently and achieve the desired results for their clients.

By prioritizing coordination with the main contractor, conducting internal discussions, and deploying skilled personnel, Gelora Perkasa aims to maximize the use of existing cables while minimizing costs and enhancing overall efficiency. Through meticulous planning and execution, they are dedicated to successfully completing the project and delivering optimal solutions to their clients.

The Result

In a condensed timeframe of 14 working days, Gelora Perkasa achieved a commendable feat by optimizing the use of existing cables, thereby reducing unnecessary costs.

Ensuring the proper functionality of all CCTV cameras and eliminating blind spots is of paramount importance. Through meticulous inspection and configuration, Gelora Perkasa ensures comprehensive coverage of all areas by the installed CCTV system.

Moreover, the efficient distribution of the WiFi network for visitors and staff within the villa area is a critical consideration. With thorough planning and precise setup, Gelora Perkasa guarantees a well-distributed WiFi network, providing stable and reliable connections for all users.

Within this brief period, Gelora Perkasa successfully accomplished several pivotal objectives, encompassing the maximization of existing cable usage, assurance of proper CCTV functionality, and the establishment of an efficient WiFi network. This achievement underscores Gelora Perkasa’s unwavering commitment to delivering effective and satisfactory solutions to their clients.


Gelora Perkasa was entrusted with the supply and installation of CCTV systems and the necessary network infrastructure for a project. Challenges arose concerning the existing cable infrastructure, as the LAN UTP cables originally installed were not intended for CCTV cameras and access points. However, Gelora Perkasa adeptly repurposed these existing cables in each room for the CCTV devices and access points, as the TVs no longer required wired internet connections.

Another challenge encountered was the need for careful work during the finishing stage to prevent damage to the building. Gelora Perkasa delicately restored ceilings and walls that were opened to route the cables for the CCTV system. Despite these challenges, Gelora Perkasa successfully addressed them, showcasing their commitment to delivering a high-quality CCTV system and maximizing the use of existing infrastructure.

To achieve cost efficiency, Gelora Perkasa closely coordinated with the main contractor, planning their approach based on the installed cable routes. Internal discussions among their technicians were crucial for determining the best strategies to utilize the existing cables without causing damage.

Gelora Perkasa assigned experienced team members with excellent communication skills to execute the tasks and ensure effective coordination. By prioritizing collaboration, conducting thorough planning, and deploying skilled personnel, Gelora Perkasa aimed to maximize the use of existing cables, minimize costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Despite the constraints of a limited time frame of 14 working days, Gelora Perkasa successfully optimized the use of existing cables, reducing unnecessary costs. They also ensured the proper functioning of all CCTV cameras and comprehensive coverage of all areas. Furthermore, they meticulously planned and set up an efficient WiFi network for visitors and staff within the villa area.

Gelora Perkasa’s achievements in maximizing cable utilization, ensuring CCTV functionality, and providing an efficient WiFi network exemplify their commitment to delivering effective solutions within a short timeframe.

Company Overview

The Surga is a villa estate and magnificent event venue on the clifftops of Baliā€™s Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu. Ocean views as far as the eye can see, an iridescent infinity pool, and 13 master suites, plus rambling indoor and outdoor areas will set the scene for up to 125 people.

Comprised of Villa Surga One with 5 bedrooms and one private separate suite, plus Villa Surga Two with another 7 bedrooms (13 in total) the estate is ideal as a wedding venue or for large events. The beach access, mauve sunsets and sprawling opulence are set to impress your guests while also providing utter functionality for your event. Planning a wedding at our luxurious villas should definitely mean more fun.
Step through the heavy wooden doors of Villa Surga One to find yourself in a botanical oasis. The entrance to the villa itself is to the right, but stretching out before you is a lawn of mature trees and tropical flowers encircled by high walls for complete privacy. Balinese statues and stone water features dot the property which is fronted by a Balinese joglo-style entry archway. Itā€™s perfect as a Bali Villa Wedding or wedding event venue.

Surga Villa Two is an architectural masterpiece that features 7 master bedrooms, three stunning living spaces, and an entertainment center that is bound to take your breath away. After an extensive renovation in 2019, the villa now showcases a new level of luxury and comfort. While it is not licensed for wedding ceremonies, it is the perfect destination for unforgettable family gatherings, private retreats, and exclusive staycations. Nestled in the serene landscapes of Bali, the villa boasts breathtaking ocean views, offering an unparalleled experience for those seeking tranquility and indulgence.

The Challenge

The Surga Villa Estate project presents several challenges that arise from the unique geographical location of the property. Situated in Uluwatu, known for its dry and salty climate due to its proximity to the coastline, corrosion heavily affects the installed devices. Another factor to consider is the population of monkey species that inhabit the surrounding areas. These curious creatures often disrupt our work by roaming around and have even caused damage to the cable infrastructure, resulting in non-operational cameras.

However, despite these challenges, we are committed to providing the best service possible. To tackle the issues at hand, our team has engaged in thorough discussions to determine the best cable routes that can resist corrosion and deter monkey disturbances. Our goal is to ensure that the devices we install function properly without interference from external factors.

In addition to these demographic challenges, we are faced with the task of seamlessly integrating a new CCTV system with the pre-existing analog infrastructure already in place. The owner has requested that both systems be displayed on a single monitor, which adds complexity to the integration process due to the inherent disparities between the analog and IP technologies.

Lastly, we encounter difficulties in configuring the CCTV monitoring application on smartphones. Since the villa stakeholders reside outside of Indonesia, our technicians cannot directly execute the setup. Instead, we provide step-by-step guidance to ensure that the process is executed correctly.

By acknowledging and addressing these challenges, our team is dedicated to overcoming obstacles and delivering a reliable and efficient CCTV system for The Surga Villa Estate.

What We Did to Tackle The Challenge

Our problem-solving strategies are rooted in factual evidence gathered through meticulous on-site investigations. To ensure the best possible outcomes, we engage in intensive consultations with key stakeholders. In the case of The Surga Villa Estate, we held discussions with the experienced Chief Engineering team. Their expertise in understanding the intricacies of the existing cable infrastructure within the premises proved to be invaluable in guiding our decisions.

To address the threats of corrosion from the coastal climate and the disruption caused by roaming monkeys, we have taken careful precautions. One of our key measures is the discreet burial of conduit pipes, which provide an additional layer of protection for the cables against exposure. By implementing this approach, we extend the lifespan of the cables and maintain uninterrupted monitoring capabilities for the stakeholders of The Surga Villa Estate.

In terms of integrating the new IP-based CCTV system with the existing analog infrastructure, our team of experts is conducting a thorough analysis of the differing frameworks. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive solution that meets the owner’s request of having both systems display on a single monitor. Through advanced technology and meticulous programming, we are working towards harmoniously synchronizing the two systems, ensuring optimal functionality and a unified monitoring experience.

Recognizing the diverse group of stakeholders beyond Indonesia who seek remote access to CCTV footage on their smartphones, we understand the importance of clear and simplified communication. We are committed to providing instructions that are easy to understand and follow, catering to individuals who may not be well-versed in this particular field. Our aim is to bridge language and technical barriers, enabling seamless comprehension and adherence to our guidance.

The Result

With utmost resolve and unwavering dedication, we have successfully completed the CCTV installation at The Surga Villa Estate. Our accomplishment extends beyond the mere installation of new units; we have triumphantly conquered the formidable challenge of integrating the existing and new CCTV systems. Throughout this arduous journey, we remained resolute in our commitment to delivering the highest standards of service to our esteemed clients.

To this day, we maintain a robust and harmonious relationship with the entire staff of The Surga Villa Estateā€”an alliance fostered from the very inception of our project until the present moment. Unwaveringly, we have nurtured the pillars of promptness and responsiveness, which serve as the bedrock of our collaboration with The Surga Villa Estate. Our unyielding commitment to delivering swift and astute service has been the key facilitator in forging this fruitful partnership.

As we reflect upon our collective achievements, we take immense pride in the successful completion of the CCTV installation project. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute our expertise and forge lasting relationships, further solidifying our reputation as a reliable and esteemed provider of exemplary service.


The Surga, located on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu, is a stunning villa estate and event venue offering breathtaking ocean views, an iridescent infinity pool, and 13 master suites. Ideal for weddings and large events, it consists of Villa Surga One with 5 bedrooms and Villa Surga Two with an additional 7 bedrooms, totaling 13. The estate boasts luxurious indoor and outdoor spaces, making it an impressive setting for gatherings of up to 125 people. Villa Surga One, with a botanical oasis entrance, is suitable for Bali Villa Weddings, while Villa Surga Two, renovated in 2019, is ideal for family retreats and exclusive staycations.

The unique geographical location of The Surga Villa Estate in Uluwatu presents challenges such as corrosion due to the coastal climate and disruptions caused by roaming monkeys. To address these issues, the team has implemented strategies like discreetly burying conduit pipes to protect cables from exposure. Integrating the new IP-based CCTV system with the existing analog infrastructure involves thorough analysis and programming. Clear communication is emphasized for remote access to CCTV footage on smartphones, ensuring stakeholders outside Indonesia can follow the setup instructions.

With unwavering dedication, the team has successfully completed the CCTV installation at The Surga Villa Estate, surpassing mere installation to conquer the integration of existing and new systems. Throughout the project, they maintained a robust and harmonious relationship with the estate staff, emphasizing promptness and responsiveness as the foundation of their collaboration. This successful completion not only showcases their expertise but also solidifies their reputation as a reliable and esteemed provider of exemplary service.

Company Overview

United In Diversity facilitates tri-sector leaders to create and implement sustainable solutions to the region’s biggest challenges. It was established in 2003 as a non-profit organization with Indonesian leaders from business, government, and civil society.

UID aims at nothing less than inspiring tri sector leaders to collaborate, create and implement an action plan to forge a new, positive national identity for Indonesia, based on the multiple strengths of its diverse people.
Their Vision is a united and peaceful Indonesia through synergy among diverse constituents of Indonesian society and the international community. Their mission is to serve as an educational platform and to act catalyst for trust-building and cooperation among business, the public sector, and civil society through a learning process for our sustainable common future.

The Challenge

The work at UID Bali Campus is centered around two fundamental aspects: collaboration and competency, posing significant challenges in our day-to-day operations.

Our engagement with UID Bali Campus commenced as the finishing process was nearing completion. With multiple vendors concurrently involved in the project, maintaining high efficiency and competence became imperative to meet the predetermined timelines set by the building management. Our team dedicated their focus and resources to successfully complete the work at UID Bali Campus.

A crucial task involved ensuring the seamless installation of cables according to the Cable Tray already in place by the MEP vendor. Additionally, installing CCTV devices at UID Bali Campus presented its own set of complexities. The substantial height difference between the floor and the ceiling, approximately 6-8 meters, mandated careful consideration of camera positioning for optimal recording without sacrificing clarity or losing focus on the subjects.

What We Did to Tackle The Challenge

Collaboration stands as a key driver for the success of our project at UID Bali Campus. The task assigner, building management, and MEP contractor work closely together to ensure the successful completion of the job. While, as vendors, we offer recommendations based on our experience, the final decisions rest with the task assigner. Maintaining regular and effective communication between teams on-site is crucial to ensure that the work is executed smoothly and according to the agreed-upon schedule.

One of the challenges we encountered was the installation of CCTV cameras in a challenging environment with a high ceiling, posing difficulty in achieving optimal recording focus. Various solutions were proposed to the task assigner and building management, and it was ultimately decided to use brackets for each camera. The height and length of each bracket were tailored to the specific objects to be recorded, ensuring precise capturing as desired.

Furthermore, the building management requested that the color of the CCTV cameras match the ceiling, which was black. To fulfill this requirement without voiding warranties, we utilized Aqua Spray paint, which can be easily removed once dry. This approach allowed us to achieve the desired aesthetic while maintaining the integrity of the cameras for warranty claims if needed.

Throughout this project, our commitment has been to find practical solutions and maintain effective communication to overcome obstacles, ensuring the delivery of a successful outcome at UID Bali Campus.

The Result

The bond between Gelora Perkasa and UID Bali Campus remains unbreakable, forged through numerous triumphs and shared achievements. With each passing day, our partnership grows stronger, evolving into a formidable force in the realm of security solutions.

UID Bali Campus recognizes the utmost importance of expanding their surveillance capabilities, eliminating blind spots that pose a threat to the safety and integrity of their campus. In this crucial endeavor, they continue to place their unwavering trust in Gelora Perkasa to supply and install cutting-edge CCTV devices that will fortify their defenses.

The gratitude we feel for this unwavering trust is immeasurable. UID Bali Campus stands as a testament to our unrivaled service and unmatched performance, repeatedly returning to us as a satisfied customer, eager to further their collaboration with Gelora Perkasa.

Our dedication knows no bounds as we tirelessly strive to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled results. With each successful installation, our bond with UID Bali Campus deepens, cementing a foundation of unwavering commitment and mutual respect.

However, this is just the beginning. We yearn for future opportunities to expand and innovate, deepening the ties that bind Gelora Perkasa and UID Bali Campus. The journey ahead promises new horizons, unveiling possibilities that will keep our relationship thriving.

As we embark together on this dramatic expedition, we remain steadfast in our resolve, ready to face any challenge that lies in wait. The future holds untold promise as the synergy between Gelora Perkasa and UID Bali Campus continues to flourish, forging a legacy of excellence in security solutions.


United In Diversity (UID) is a non-profit organization established in 2003 in Indonesia, uniting leaders from business, government, and civil society to tackle the country’s major challenges. UID’s objective is to foster collaboration and develop an action plan that cultivates a positive national identity for Indonesia. Their aim is to realize a united and peaceful Indonesia through synergy among diverse constituents. Serving as an educational platform, UID acts as a catalyst for trust-building and cooperation across different sectors to ensure a sustainable future.

The work at UID Bali Campus centers on collaboration and competency. The team encountered challenges, including managing multiple vendors and adhering to strict timelines. Tasks encompassed seamless cable installation and strategic positioning of CCTV devices in a high-ceiling environment. Success hinged on collaboration between the task assigner, building management, and MEP contractor, employing effective communication and problem-solving to overcome obstacles and achieve the desired outcome.

Gelora Perkasa, a security solutions company, forged a robust partnership with UID Bali Campus, providing cutting-edge CCTV devices to enhance the campus’s surveillance capabilities. The trust and gratitude between both parties were underscored, emphasizing Gelora Perkasa’s dedication to surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional results. The future holds promises of continued collaboration, innovation, and a flourishing relationship in the realm of security solutions.

Company Overview

Toko Cat Citra Warna stands as a trusted paint store, offering a diverse range of high-quality products to address various painting needs. Committed to providing competitive prices, they ensure customers can discover ideal paint solutions without straining their budget.

Presently, Toko Cat Citra Warna boasts an impressive presence with 41 branches spanning the provinces of Bali, Lombok, South Sulawesi, South Sumatra, and Lampung. This extensive network enables them to conveniently serve customers in these regions.

Furthermore, Toko Cat Citra Warna has ambitious plans for future expansion into additional provinces. This ongoing growth underscores their dedication to reaching more customers and making their high-quality paint products easily accessible to a broader audience in Indonesia.

Having a Toko Cat Citra Warna store in your vicinity proves advantageous for fulfilling your painting needs. Their aim is to be your nearest paint store, ensuring convenience and simplicity in obtaining top-notch paint products. Whether you are a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, Toko Cat Citra Warna strives to meet your requirements and provide a satisfying experience.

The Challenge

The pursuit of excellence at Toko Cat Citra Warna is not without its challenges. With a total of 41 outlets spread across the captivating provinces of Bali, Lombok, South Sulawesi, South Sumatra, and Lampung, a significant challenge arises from the distances and travel time required to reach project locations. To ensure that our skilled technicians are in prime condition, we must consider the rigorous energy expenditure not only during the installation and application processes but also during the extensive travel to these distant project sites.

However, we overcome this challenge with an unwavering focus as our key to success in the installation of state-of-the-art Surveillance and Security Systems at Toko Cat Citra Warna. Envision the dedication and tenacity required for our technicians to navigate through long and arduous journeys, battling fatigue and hardship to reach their destination. Without their unwavering focus and physical stamina, our technicians would not be able to execute their tasks with the utmost precision and professionalism.

At Toko Cat Citra Warna, we recognize that without the completion of each task to the highest standard, our esteemed clients would not entrust the protection and monitoring of their valuable assets to us. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional results, ensuring the security and peace of mind for every outlet within the Toko Cat Citra Warna family.

What We Did to Tackle The Challenge

In addressing the challenges encountered in the work at Toko Cat Citra Warna, we prioritize the well-being of our technicians through various measures. One key aspect is maintaining a regular and manageable travel schedule. We ensure that our technicians have adequate breaks between each trip, allowing them sufficient time to rest and recharge before embarking on their next journey.

To facilitate their navigation, we provide our technicians with accurate and up-to-date navigation devices. These tools assist them in planning clear routes, avoiding unnecessary delays or getting lost. By minimizing stress and fatigue during their travels, we aim to cultivate a more positive and productive work environment for our technicians.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of well-maintained vehicles, we emphasize regular maintenance practices such as oil changes, electrical system checks, and tire inspections. This approach ensures that the vehicles our technicians use are in optimal condition, enhancing safety and comfort and reducing stress during their trips.

Additionally, we underscore the significance of sufficient rest for our technicians before undertaking their journeys. We encourage them to prioritize a good night’s sleep, allowing them to start their day with energy and focus. By promoting a healthy work-life balance, we strive to support their overall well-being and performance.

Last but not least, we make a concerted effort to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our technicians. Expressing gratitude and recognition not only boosts their motivation but also helps maintain their enthusiasm and work-life balance, especially during extended journeys.

At Toko Cat Citra Warna, we are committed to creating an environment where our technicians feel supported and valued, enabling them to overcome challenges and consistently deliver excellent service.

The Result

For numerous years, we, as a Security Vendor, have remained a steadfast partner to Citra Warna Paint Store in safeguarding and securing their assets. Through the comprehensive services we offer, we have played a crucial role in protecting each outlet from potential theft threats and other dangers.

Our commitment as a Vendor is unwavering, and our primary goal is to provide Citra Warna Paint Store with the utmost service. We are dedicated to evolving and growing alongside their success. As their business expands, we stand prepared to support them wholeheartedly and professionally.

We consistently endeavor to offer the finest security solutions, encompassing the identification of potential risks, the design of effective security systems, and the provision of reliable surveillance services. In every facet of our work, our aim is to deliver an optimal level of security and protection for Citra Warna Paint Store.

Throughout our shared journey, we aspire to continue nurturing a successful and mutually beneficial partnership. We express our gratitude for the trust and opportunities extended to us as Citra Warna Paint Store’s Security Vendor. Rest assured, we pledge to persist in providing the best service and contributing to shared success.


Toko Cat Citra Warna stands as a trusted paint store, offering high-quality products at competitive prices. With 41 branches spread across picturesque provinces in Indonesia, they are dedicated to meeting diverse painting needs and aspire to expand their presence further.

The challenges faced by Toko Cat Citra Warna include the distance and travel time required to reach project locations. However, they navigate these challenges with a steadfast focus on delivering excellent installation and application of Surveillance and Security Systems.

To prioritize the well-being of their technicians, Toko Cat Citra Warna adopts various measures, including manageable travel schedules, the provision of navigation devices, regular vehicle maintenance, emphasis on sufficient rest, and expressions of appreciation for their hard work.

As a security vendor, Toko Cat Citra Warna has been a loyal partner to Citra Warna Paint Store, providing services to protect their assets from theft threats and other dangers. They pledge their commitment to supporting Citra Warna Paint Store’s growth and success.


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