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Our life’s work is to help people improve their peace of mind and ease of communication by providing the right solutions our customers need. Our focus is on delivering mutual benefit: Win-win outcomes that make life better for our customers.


Since 1990, Gelora Perkasa has provided the finest security system and telecommunications products & services in Bali-Nusra Region. Driven by our passion for innovation and excellence, Gelora Perkasa has become the ultimate choice in its field. With our decades of experience, countless companies have trusted us to enhance their security and the way they communicate through our top-notch line of products.

Security & prompt response play a very important role for any hospitality business.

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Office security & communication is vital to any employees, as they are keeping documents and assets in an office.

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Educational Building security is indispensable to any student, as they are occupied by future leaders.

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Commercial designs conceptualize spaces for businesses, ensuring that all customers are comfortable in stepping-in to a store.

Banks are given trust by their customers to keep materialist assets, hence security is cannot be neglected.

The government holds the integrity and trust of its citizen.

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Prompt response is vital in the hospital.


We partner with industry leaders to provide a wide range of portfolio, offering the best products for you.